Repurposing Facebook content

Does anyone revamp old Facebook posts like videos, blogs etc or is your content always new?? Happy to keep it new as always have ideas for stuff but just curious what everyone else does.

Luke Judge: I use facebook memories & share the same shit I’ve been saying for years mixed in with new. Sometimes I scroll back 2 years on the page & copy/paste. Tends to be the same people commenting/liking the posts which is quite funny.

Laura Elise Hanlon: Yes we reuse older videos and blogs but make sure that it was over 6 months ago that it was last used. And if it’s a video, write the copy in a different way. We always have new stuff coming through but if it’s good and had good engagement in the past, it’s likely to still resonate with new people now. Plus the amount of people that see your posts is so limited that most people won’t have even seen it the first time round. Hope that helps!

Lisa-Maree Hawkins: Thanks. I have a spreadsheet that has all the links to each Facebook post since January and another one that details each post.
Yes I will reword what I said but the message hasn’t changed and invested so much time developing content, slides and blogs, videos etc I just didn’t want to come across as lazy but wanted to work smarter now I have nearly 12 months of daily posts.

Sean Cole: We re-purpose occasionally by looking back through our most engaged posts from 6 months ago, seems to work really well :slight_smile: